CST-R’s August Week 1 in Photos!

The Thomasian Community is getting all the gears going in preparation for School Year 2021-2022. This will be the second year of implementing distance learning system through the Thomasian Learning Management System.

From the Thomasian Orientation of the New Thomasian Teachers to the photoshoot for the CST-R Professional Portfolio, August 2 to 7, 2021 ended on a high note with Rev. Fr. Vicente Ramon, Jr., OAR leading the first project of the ‘Laudato Si’ Center.

Health check! Ms. Ma. Nita V. Bolo gives the orientation to new Thomasian Teachers.
Gear up! Among the topics was Mental Health and Wellness for Teachers during the remote delivery of lessons and activities.
Ready for 2.0. CST-R’s added force in the fulfillment of the education mission.
Recycling. Rev. Fr. Vicente Ramon, Jr. inspects the collection of recyclable materials for the new Laudato Si project.
Sustainability. Augustinian Recollects are for the Earth. Fr. Ramon with Rev. Fr. Joel Alve, OAR during the spotting of the in-campus project site.
Project for the Earth. The labor begins!
In-campus garden. The new project will fill in an empty space in the campus at the same time up-cycle discarded materials.
Portfolio. Ms. Janice Alvarez, school nurse, poses for the camera of CST-R photographer Meryl Molina.


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