IN PHOTOS: CST-R’s 1st Capstone Expo

Photos By Stephanie Ann Remada

April 29, 2024—In a continuous effort to forward the research culture among Thomasians, Colegio de Sto. Tomas-Recoletos, Inc. through its Research Office and the Senior High School Department held the 1st Capstone Expo at the Canteen Lobby featuring the products of Grade 12 students.

Clay bricks aggregated with shells of oysters and scallops, food bags made of seaweeds and paper bags made waterproof by papaya sap were among the featured products.


Ant Control Chalk. Thomasians feature their ant-control chalk using chili pepper, garlic, onion and cinnamon bark.
Water-proof Paper Bag. The paper bag that uses papaya enzyme to make it water proof is featured. It can be recalled that this was among the top 10 Research Papers at the UP ALCHEMES.
Oyster and Clam Shell Aggregates in Clay Bricks. The winning research paper at the 6th Josenian SHS Research Summit
Seaweed-made Food Bags. Making food bags totally biodegradable by using seaweeds are the Thomsian innovators.
Neem Tree Extract as Repellant. Thomasians create scented candles that are next level by adding neem tree extract to bees wax.
Guava and Malunggay Disinfectant. Thomasians feature new wound solution made of guava and malunggay.
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