CST-R SSO, SCCPO Hold Traffic Rules Orientation

Report and Photos By Georgene Quilaton-Tambiga

CST-R Safety and Security Office organized the orientation in partnership with San Carlos City Police Office Traffic Division conducted Traffic Rules and Regulations Orientation for the Senior High School Thomasians last November 28, 2019.

PEMS Noven Martin M. Lacson, Traffic PNCO, who leads the Traffic Division was the speaker. Lacson warned the young Thomasian drivers that “driving is a privilege” of those who have legal and valid license. He emphasized road safety and compliance with existing Philippine laws that pertain to traffic and motorized vehicle regulation and management.

Lacson also advocated the proper use of certified helmets and warned against overloading that student-drivers often practice.

Lacson also commended Thomasians who now have Student Driving Permits. The police officer belongs to CST-R batch 1986.


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