CST-R Community Extension and Development Office (CEDO) is the community outreach office of CST-R which was established only in 2020. Among its programs are the following:

  1. Abag Recoleto— calamity response operations that creates a network of donors, volunteers, barangay facilitators and beneficiaries. Since January 2021, Abag Recoletos operations have reached three barangays in San Carlos City which were affected by flood and residents in Talisay City, Negros Occidental who were also affected by flood.
  2. CST-R Gives Ultimate Gifts, Memories and Assistance (CST-R GUGMA) Enriching lives the Recollect way! is an adopt-a-school community project that focuses on three key points:
  • Ultimate Gifts – include values formation, education across age and gender, and evangelization of the beneficiary community through periodic visits and activities (i.e. recollection, counselling, Catechism sessions, and religious events) led by Thomasians who are openly generous with their time and talent;
  • Memories – are the fun and life-changing impact of the GUGMA programs on the lives and formation of the members of the beneficiary community; programs are interesting for the children and youth yet lasting and consistent so that they grow imbibing the Recoleto spirit;
  • Assistance – is a prime requirement for outreach programs thus, this includes material and basic needs donated to the beneficiary community; but this program is more than outreach, it is scaffolding for the beneficiaries so livelihood enablers are provided from trainings and workshops to start-up kits.

CST-R GUGMA and Abag Recoleto projects of CEDo are St. Thomas de Villanueva’s Caritas et Scientia come to life.


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